About Blair

BlairSomething shocking and magical happened over 20 years ago when I was (not-so-gently) told by a physician that I needed to take responsibility for my own health. Gone were the days when I would put health decisions solely in the hands of others.

It was life changing. I became a label reader and began questioning everything I was putting in and on my body and the bodies of my children. I looked to the organic and natural sections in stores for any company that strove for truth and transparency. I took classes to learn about the healing power of the herbal plants in our area and was inspired to create my own nourishing lip balms, salves, bath salts and more with the plants from my backyard gardens and growing areas. I was educated in Reiki techniques and how to work with subtle energy. I now pass on my knowledge and skills through my products, workshops, and one-on-one trainings.
Crafting with nature is my creative expression–filled with beauty and integrity.  You can trust that Blair’s Herbals products are made with the highest quality ingredients and intention.
My mission is to support you on your healing path.
In service,


Blair with Herbs