Blair’s Dream Pillow Kit for Two


This kit includes fabric, needles, yarn, and intentional herbs – everything you need to create two hand-sewn Dream Pillows.

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This kit includes fabric, needles, yarn, and intentional herbs – everything you need to create two hand-sewn Dream Pillows.

Dream Pillow Kits allow you to engage in the process of bringing your wishes to a more conscious place.  They are powerful tools for connecting with your deepest dreams and have been used for many ages by grandmothers and village aunts.

Great for bridal and baby showers; birthday parties and just about anytime you get a group together to create a special and unique handmade gift for that special someone in our lives.

Dream Pillows carry our intentions through the art of sewing and the power and healing qualities of the herbs.

Experience a heartfelt connection to your dream by revisiting this ancient craft. Used by grandmothers over the ages, dream pillows have been made to ease headaches, promote better sleep, remember dreams, ensoul and enliven relationships and deepen love – and for whatever is calling to your soul.

Package Contents

  • Pre-smudged* fabric remnants
  • 2-8 pieces of fabric for your own designs, and a few cutouts
  • Embroidery thread and yarn needle(s)
  • Thread and needle(s)
  • Pins
  • Assorted herbs for filling (seasonal, but including rose and lavender)
  • Flax seeds and/or wool for stuffing
  • Instructions and herb description how-to guide* To erase or clear any preexisting energies by using sage and intention

How to Create Your Dream Pillow

The goal is to create pillows that are sweet smelling, calming and filled with lavender and rose (as well as other herbs depending on the purpose). Using the needles and thread included in the kit, the pillows are hand-sewn. Pillows are a perfect starter project for those who are new to sewing.  Fabric selections come already made in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Some have a little pocket for a crystal, tooth or poem. They can be made heavy and comforting or lighter and more portable.

Dream Pillows are created for bringing in peace and love, helping one to remember their dreams, transitioning to sleep and staying asleep, lucid dreaming, and they are useful for night terrors and headaches, or just about anything else you envision. They are soothing to help kids at bedtime, go off to camp or sleepovers, and your Dream Pillows are sure to find a permanent place in your home.

Please note:

Herbs are not “proven” but offered as suggestions. Please use your own intuition and guidance. Some people are sensitive to certain plant families so please use caution and respect when working with the plants. Your intention is important — a little amount of herbs can go a long way.

If you have any special intentions or herbal requests, please include a note with your order and I will try my best to facilitate!

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