A Yoga Boost

Can I just wake up every day with joy, clarity, health, and confidence so I can be a healing force for others and the Earth? So simple a dream I have and yet so difficult to see how that would look at times. I often struggle to quiet my thoughts. When my mind is in overdrive, I am humbly reminded that it is my own healing work that must take priority over anything else. If I can’t figure out how to be in balance, I can not show up for my passions and my family.

It is not easy, but it is important for me to look at where my fear creeps in and self confidence and self doubt reign. It is my willingness to watch patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that need to be named and changed for personal growth to happen. Becoming aware of what triggers me is a first step. Noticing what things/people/situations that bring me joy? That is important too. Letting go of the situations that bring me discomfort and stress is vital. One step forward and then back to tears and frustration—am I progressing at all? Have I made any progress with my sensitivities and overwhelm?

Back to the mat— my work is not yet done. It might never be, but I believe that the mantras and asanas I practice in yoga class are guiding me ever closer to polishing my thoughts and keeping my mind and body flexible and healthy. Building a little extra layer of protection while keeping my heart open and soft is important. The days I least want to go are the days I know I need it the most. I used to wonder how people could go to yoga–it took so much time out of a day. Now, I recognize for me that that time in class opens up my day in a way I can’t articulate. I feel changed. Something has shifted in that breath work. So, whether I want to or not, I go as often as possible. I show up to set the tone for my day/week and to listen to the messages in the teachings for inspiration and strength. It is uncanny how right on the theme for the day is with how I am doing and feeling that day. And, there is community–I can join or not but it is there–a room of people holding loving thoughts for inner and world peace. I am not alone!

Breathing, exercise, family, and time in nature are also essential to helping me find strength in body and mind. Gentle centering daily practices help me regulate my emotions and define what is mine to take on and what I can let go of because I have a better sense of who I am and am not taking on more than I can handle. This is the time of year when I especially need to be vigilant with quiet reflective time. A daily gratitude practice keeps me focused on what I want to be manifesting and living into. Managing and transforming the limitations of overwhelm is my goal.