The Story Behind the Sparkly Lip Balm Kit

Here is the story behind the Blair’s Herbals Sparkly Lip Balm Kit. From concept to finished product–what does it take to pull it all together?

I love herbal crafting and making skin care products with high quality natural ingredients. I have been really careful about what I put in and on my body, and I am well aware that it is becoming important for others too.

I have been selling my lip balms at the Boulder Farmers Market for 6 years. The flavored (Mint, Orange, Lavender, Vanilla) lip balms are made with plants (Rosemary, Calendula, Comfrey, etc.) from the backyard infused in organic oils, beeswax, and a drop of essential oil. Simple and clean. They are well loved, and I hear they are in purses and pockets all over the world 🙂

It could be argued, I suppose, that the last thing we need is yet another lip balm choice, but when lips are dry, people search for the perfect one that will nourish and protect without additional agents. Much awareness has been made about the chemicals in many lip balms and the efforts to bring awareness to what happens when we keep licking and ingesting those chemicals.

What I wanted to offer in addition to individual pre-made and labeled lip balms (available at the BCFM and online) was a DIY experience. Something that would be easy and fun for birthday parties, ladies nights, or family gatherings. A kit that would contain everything you needed to have fun making your own sparkly unique lip balm that would pass BH’s high bar for quality and joy.

Viola–the Sparkly Lip Balm Kit was born!

Inside this box, you have BH’s lip balm base, 8 slider tins, 4 pens to use to decorate the labels, mica, and sparkly gens to adorn the finished product.

The product needed a little help though. It was at the market for the occasional sale but not moving like it had potential to do. I knew I would need to invest time and money to bring this concept to fruition in time for the 2017 holidays. I would soon be stepping up the level of professionalism. I would enlist the help of a marketing business woman who had walked by the booth and fell in love with the concept. I then hired a professional photographer. And, finally, I hired my brand designer to complete the project with a design for a label, banner, flyers, and inside box directions.

Here I am working with the photographer to stage the shoot. We were rushing to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, not being clear on what the designer was looking for meant that we had to shoot a second day to get the desired image.

 Here I am with the finished product excited that it is ready for fun special events and the holidays.

If you want a little sparkle and joy in your next rainy day, birthday celebration, or family gathering, consider a party in a box. Making your own natural lip balms is not only fun for all ages, it is empowering and inspiring.

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