New Reiki Healing Space in Boulder

Thank you!

Thank you to those who were able to join me at my new Reiki office Sunday for the office grand opening celebration. I truly appreciated all the well wishes and genuine support for launching this new venture. It was wonderful to feel all your awesome energy infused in the room.

For those who missed it and would like to check out the space, please reach out and let’s meet for a tea. I just love spending time in there and would be happy to show you around when I am not in a session. The views of the mountains with the birds flying close by give it a spacious feel with a sense of touching the outdoors.

Let this be a place where you can let go and let your guard down safely. Let this be a place you can find peace, stillness and ease. May this be a place for your healing process to be supported. May you enjoy all that you discover about yourself in this light and plant filled room. Open to the gentle light hands touch energy modality that is full of possibilities for discovery and self reflection.

I feel true delight and creativity can be nourished in this room. I invite you to be open to the transformations you seek when you schedule your next appointment with me.

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Thanks for your confidence,