Healing Touch: The Sequel!

There was such a great response to my email about Healing Touch sessions. I thank you for your interest and support of my work. I am well on my way to completing those 100 hours!

Healing Touch is a holistic, complementary, and integrative energy based modality. It addresses body, mind and spirit with specific hand sequences through the use of contact and/or non contact touch and a heart centered state of being. It is gentle and can assist in bringing a body to its natural ability to heal. It started with Professor Dolores Kriegers work called Therapeutic Touch at NYU Masters nursing program. Research studies are available supporting the benefits of HT to support relaxation, faster wound healing, wellness and prevention, PTSD, anxiety, sleep issues, pain management, and more.

I hope you will continue to schedule sessions throughout the summer and into the fall.

A few things that I would like to clarify–

1. I will be out of town for two weeks in August while I take my son to college in California and while I take myself to my happy art and camping retreat in Crestone. Thank you for your understanding. Please check the online scheduling site for the days I am in the office. They continue to be Wed and Thursday mornings and every other Friday. Because I have limited office hours, I would encourage you to look ahead and put something on the calendar now. Please note–I do have a 48hour cancellation policy.

2. I will need to adjust the agreement in the last email and raise my rate from free to $20 minimum with tips greatly appreciated. My regular Reiki rates are $80/hour but since this is a new modality for me, I am open to offering this to you at an introductory rate so you can come in and experience the work. It still is a screaming deal 🙂

3. I do have an online booking system that I set up for Reiki sessions that would work for Healing Touch sessions as well. I know that some people are more comfortable contacting me directly and I am ok with that. If there is an overlap, I will reach out to you personally to get that straightened out as best I can.

I have an Healing Touch intake questionnaire (PDF) and need it to be filled out with as much attention to detail as possible. I thank you in advance for the time and the level of detail. If you, for example, respond yes to the questions of hydration, I would need to know the frequency and the amount of water you take as best as possible. Please be specific. This is so I can provide better and more intentional service by having a clearer picture of your overall health and current protocols for wellness.

Thank you!